SIGGRAPH 2012 - Day 5

Until Next Year

This happened to me last year as well, and similarly with the smaller Vancouver SIGGRAPH events in the past few months, in which I lose perspective in the massive sea of expensive blockbuster film work:

We have gotten to the part of #siggraph where I develop a persistent rage for not being involved in enough awesome things. #neverenoughtime

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However, perspectives need to be kept in check. My short, Blind Spot, has been doing rather well lately, getting into yet another festival (I think that is 6 now), and the VFX of that film was the result of only two people working in their spare time.

But for now the plan is to feed off of the helpful part of my rage and do the best job I can do, both at work, and independently. I'll be back next year, hopefully knowing a few more of you and having a slightly larger influence on the industry and presented works.

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