Hi, I'm Mike!

I'm a VFX/film software developer, systems/network admin, and filmmaker. You will usually find me somewhere around the intersection of art and technology.

During my career in the VFX industry I have worked the spectrum from matte painting and compositing (as an artist), through lighting and rendering (as a TD), pipeline development (as pure software), and systems administration (responsible for the entire technology stack). I've led multi-disciplinary teams to success on complex projects.

I've worked in full time, part time, freelance and consulting roles, all while building and supporting open source software, and working on personal passion projects.

I am most interested in the intersection of computation and various fields of art. Most noticeably VFX, but anywhere I can employ my technical, problem-solving, creative, leadership and communication skills. Applications of machine learning and AI are a new adventure I'm exploring. Automation and efficiency are dear to my heart. But above all else, I value working with a great team telling a good story.

Right now I am leading the team at Immersion Room to innovation in virtual production tech and services.

Please take a look at the services I offer, or past projects I've worked on, and feel free to contact me if there is a project you would like to dicuss.

~ Mike