SIGGRAPH 2012 - Day 1

Too Much to See

The first day may be a little light on content, but it does look to be an exciting and promising SIGGRAPH (as much as I may be a judge of these things, given that this is only my second time attending). I have already bonded over VFX while trying to find the conference center, and have been completely unable to figure out which sessions to give my attention, ergo:

Finally trying to schedule my day at #SIGGRAPH, and I need to choose between 5 things at the same time. #sadtrombone

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The focus of the evening was the Technical Papers Fast Forward, in which 132 papers were presented with only one minute for each (with a stretch break halfway through with an oddly appropriate soundtrack). This year I had the joy of seeing some of my own work presented, even if it wasn't the research. I look forward to watching the full presentation of CrossShade tomorrow and seeing what they ended up doing with my shading pipeline, part of which I have talked about previously.

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