New Cards

Finally about to send my new cards off to the printer. First take a look at the front:

The background and the words on it are both black. The words, however, are rich black, so they should appear glossy on the flat background. The templates I'm giving the printer has ~20 cards on it so I get a slight variation on what words are actually on each one as well.

The back is more interesting:

Every card has a unique code on it, and a QR code that can be scanned with a phone. Should be useful whenever I give someone a card to contact me with a purpose, as I can customize what is displayed to them when they go to that link. I spent way too much time designing a lovely crypto system to drive the codes, until I decided to simply randomly generate them and keep track. There are ~35 trillion codes of this size, and I'll at most use a couple thousand so as long as I do a little bit of rate limiting on the website (say about an hour of delay if you enter 10 wrong codes) then nobody should ever be able to guess them.

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