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Linear RAW Conversions

The first step when using photos in your computer graphics.

Real world photography is a fantastic and easy source of data in computer graphics and visual effects, be it for textures, backgrounds, or light maps. There is one complication that is very easy to overlook, and tricky to get right: linearity.

In real world light transport (and the simulated version of it in our various renderers) the math of light operates in a linear manner. That is, light source A with intensity 1 and light source B with intensity 1 will combine to intensity 2 (in whatever units those numbers are).

However, image capture and display devices do not work in a linear space. This is mostly historical, and maintained for backward compatibility for the content that has been produced in the past, but we must still deal with it to this day. In order to be immediately useful for 99% of cases, non-RAW image formats (as produced by your camera or the RAW converter) have the inverse curve already baked into the image so that they appear similar to the real world when viewed on a display.

It is this curve that must not be applied in order for our photography to be representative of the world (as far as the math is concerned).

I won't get into what "gamma" means, or scene-referred vs. display-referred imagery, so for an in-depth look at linear workflows see Sony Pictures Imageworks' 2012 SIGGRAPH course nodes (PDF) and this FXGuide article.

So how do we get linear output from our DSLR?

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If my photos aren't canted then I'm not trying hard enough.

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My camera may be going through its death throws. Hold in there little buddy!

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The Varied Skies of Vancouver

I've been running out onto the balcony a lot to take a look at the mountains (as you have surely noticed by now). I've lined a number of them up as best I can to present here.

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Mountains[, Gandalf]

Lets start off with a pretty picture, they always help with the mood.

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Photo a Day

I'm trying to resume the practise of posting a photo a day. The rules are pretty much as they were before: they must be my original content; I have to post (atleast) one photo per day, but it need not be taken on that day; I can manipulate them as much as I please without the slightest bit of disclosure; etc..

The first four are already on my Flickr stream, with the latest here.

So far I've been telling the story of our journey to Vancouver (with a slight interjection of a building on fire).

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