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After a year to ask the right person, @w00tDude confirmed my theory about "wobbles" (a technical term) seen while lighting The Borgias. Thx!

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The Gooch Lighting Model

"A Non-Photorealistic Lighting Model For Automatic Technical Illustration"

I've recently been toying with the Gooch et al. (1998) non-photorealistic lighting model. Unfortunately, the nature of the project does not permit me to post any of the "real" results quite yet, but some of the tests have a nice look to them all on their own.

My implementation takes a normal map and colour map, e.g.:

This is the result from those inputs:

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New Demo Reel

For the first time since 2008, I have a new demo reel. This one finally has a quick breakdown of Blind Spot, and a lot of awesome shots from The Borgias.

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