Mountains[, Gandalf]

Lets start off with a pretty picture, they always help with the mood.

I wanted to post that one to my Flickr stream, but since there is already another similar one, I decided against it. Instead, for the last few days I have been digging into my (as yet unpublished) archives. Tanya and I were thinking about going to Stanley Park tomorrow sometime so I could create some fresh images, but that idea was scrapped when we realized there is a severe rainfall warning in effect predicting 50mm over the next 24 hours. So tomorrow you may be seeing more of Toronto from me (again). However, I found my older compact camera which I should be able to rig up for full day time-lapse of the mountains (once I manage to improvise a power supply for it that will last long enough).

I've recieved a lot of email feedback on my photos, most of which noted that they could not comment on Flickr without an account. Ergo, I'm thinking about actually moving forward with pulling all the images to my own site for slightly more open feedback (or just forcing everyone to use Flickr, which would certainly be easier on me).

With regards to our apartment, despite the nearly full page todo list sitting on my desk we have nearly everything unpacked, made all the major purchases, and our place is setting down nicely. Tanya has been going to SFU for the last couple days leaving me to my own devises at home, and I'm thinking that a new "real" job is in order to stave off the crazies. I brushed up my LinkedIn profile, added myself to The Borgias on IMDB, and have been writing new additions for my CV/resume. Perhaps I'll start working on my fancy new business cards (with unique QR codes on each to customize for the user).

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