Day 1

Greetings from Vancouver!

Tanya and I began our Vancouver adventure yesterday to a little of a rocky start. First, after spending so much time on the last minute preparations I didn't take too good care of myself and I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment. Second, the rain/hail storm in Toronto caused Tanya to miss her flight and so I spent the first night in our new apartment on an air matress with no blankets or pillows.

Here is what our apartment looks like (so far) on the inside and out:

I just got back from the airport to pick up Tanya/Jazzy. The kitty was really pissed, but she seems to be coming around; looks like she just needed a good sleep.

Now we are off to get our new driver's licenses, health cards, ZipCard(s), etc.. Be sure to check out my Flickr photo stream as I'm going to try to start up my photo-a-day again (see the first one).

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